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Episode 21: Lessons We Learned in 2019

In this episode, Jess, Leah, and Joel discuss the lessons they each learned in 2019 that they’ll be taking into the new year.

Episode 20: Corporate Dinners Don’t Have to be Bad

On this episode, Leah and Jess re-live a lifetime of corporate dinners and share their tips for making them interesting, enjoyable, and productive.

Episode 19: Content Marketing Strategy Questions to Ask

In this episode, Joel and Jess discuss the two crucial questions you need to ask yourself—or your team—before embarking on any new content marketing strategy initiative.

Episode 18: How to Tell Your Business Story

We answer a listener question about how to tell your brand or business story. What if you feel like you don’t have a story? How do you tell your story in a way that will interest other people? Joel and Jess give their tips for telling your story.

Episode 17: Preparing for a Social Media Crisis

On this episode, Leah, Jess, and Joel discuss how to best prepare for a social media crisis. What to do, what to avoid, and how to empower your team to make great decisions.

Episode 16: The Manager's Guide to Starting a Podcast

The most common question Joel and Jess get about the podcast is simply, "How do you start a podcast?" So on this episode they dive into the things to consider if you're starting a business podcast, and how to make it a success for you and your organization.

Episode 15: The Basics of Creative Briefs

On this episode, Jess and Joel dive into creative briefs: why you need them, what they should include, and the common mistakes people make when they're using them.

Episode 14: The Issue with RFPs

Buckle up, because on this week's episode Joel and Jess dig into their feelings around RFPs. These complex projects can stir up a lot of emotion, whether you issue them, respond to them, or are the one responsible for writing them. We dig into the pros and cons of RFPs and discuss alternative ways of selecting creative partners.

Episode 13: Working with a Photography Partner

On this episode, Joel and Jess are joined by editorial photographer Michelle Doucette who shares her advice on how to have a great working relationships with a photographer, common mistakes company's make when working with photographers, and how to improve the quality of your in-house photography.

Episode 12: How to Improve Your Marketing Process

On this episode, Joel and Jess are joined by Leah Sanford of The Family Knife to discuss why and how you should review your marketing process.

Episode 11: Creativity and In-House Marketing

On this episode, Joel and Jess talk about the ways businesses can bring more creativity and innovation into their in-house marketing, and what separates creativity businesses from those that struggle with creativity.

Episode 10: Three Marketing Frameworks

On this episode, Jess and Joel discuss three popular marketing frameworks—Porter's Five Forces, The Innovator's Dilemma, and Blue Ocean Strategy—and how you can apply them in your own marketing.

Episode 9: Why You Need a Strategy

On this episode, Jess and Joel discuss why every project needs a strategy, and how to create one that will get results.

Episode 8: The Art of Making Mistakes

On this episode, Joel and Jess talk about the benefits of making mistakes, how to learn from the mistakes of others, and how to make the right kind of mistakes that yield information.

Episode 7: Working with a Video Production Partner

On this episode, Joel and Jess welcome video director Charles Wahl to the show to discuss when to bring in an outside video partner, how to have a successful relationship with a video partner, and how to do higher quality video production in-house.

Episode 6: The Lessons of Advertising History

On our sixth episode of The Marketer’s In-House, Joel and Jess discuss the lessons we can learn from the last century of advertising history and how you can apply them to your marketing today.

Episode 5: 5 Agency Secrets

Joel and Jess reveal the secrets behind productive agency relationships by revealing some little-known secrets.

Episode 4: Managing Marketers

Joel and Jess talk about what makes managing marketers particularly interesting, and common pitfalls to avoid.

Episode 3: Event Planning 101

Jess shares her tips for planning a successful event, and Joel shares what he learned from a disastrous event he planned.

Episode 2: Productivity Hacks

Joel and Jess share their productivity hacks for getting more done, more effectively.

Episode 1: In-House Marketing vs. DIY Marketing

Joel and Jess chat about what separates "in-house marketing" from simply "DIY marketing."

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