About Joel Kelly

Joel Kelly is the president of The Family Knife, a marketing consultancy focused on helping businesses do more marketing in-house, and do more effective in-house marketing. His experience in team leadership, coaching and training, advertising and public relations, and digital and social media marketing helps him teach clients how to take control of their marketing and build results-focused strategies in-house.

About Jessica Murray

Jessica Murray is the owner and wedding planner/coordinator of Wedding Whisperer, and a freelance content marketing and event specialist focused on helping couples have the stress-free day of their dreams and helping clients have successful, results-focused marketing strategies. With expertise in marketing, social media, events, and video production, she brings a unique perspective and set of capabilities to every project—and hopefully now to you!

Each podcast, we answer the in-house marketing questions that you’ve been afraid to ask. So bring them on! Click here to connect with The Marketers!

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